David Hogg Calls Pelosi Old and His Supporters Get Angry

This is so predictable. David Hogg (the camera Hogg) The guy that never shuts his big mouth and loves the spotlight is getting a taste of his own "Snowflake stupidity" medicine. Supporters of David Hogg are actually angry with him because he called Nancy Pelosi "old". Do you think he will actually understand why [...]

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DC Swamp Is Overflowing

There is an advisory for those living in the Washington, D.C. area. Apparently the water might be contaminated! So, boil your water before you drink it! DC Water is advising tens of thousands of residents and businesses in a major portion of the city not to drink or cook with tap water without [...]

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Shooting at Newspaper in Baltimore Maryland

There was a shooting at the Capital Gazette in Anne Arundel County, Maryland today. Here is what is now going to (most likely) happen. The media will speculate endlessly about how this it not the shooters fault. They will spin everything and place the blame squarely on a “right-winger” – regardless of the truth. [...]

Watch Maxine Waters Regress Into A Baby

Well folks, here it is. Proof that Rep. Maxine Water (D-CA) is a complete hypocrite. Watch the video below... You will see her smack a camera with her papers, push a camera, and smirk like a little fool that just got her way. Take a look for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3zjzJyU8CE  

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The Memo

The memo that outlines alleged abuses of secret surveillance programs by the FBI and Justice Department has been released. This has EVERYTHING to do with the credibility of the Trump-Russia investigation. Here is a summary of some of the key points from the memo: The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the [...]

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Las Vegas Shooter’s Brother, Eric Paddock, Makes a Curious Statement

The Las Vegas Shooter's brother, Erik Paddock makes a statement and says about his brother, "Steve was an arm..." Then he cuts his statement short. What did he actually mean to say? Thanks to Red Pill for posting this video on their Twitter feed.   [jwplayer DNcapGeK]

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Las Vegas Survivor Claims On Savage Radio That There Were Multiple Shooters

A woman that was in attendance and survived the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas called into the Michael Savage show on October, 4, 2017 and claimed that there might have been multiple shooters. If her claim is valid, it means that the single shooter theory is bunk and [...]

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What Happened In Vegas That Didn’t Stay In Vegas

There are many questions regarding the events that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1st, 2017. There are however, few answers so far in the investigation. The FBI still has not called a press conference detailing what they know and possibly putting to rest theories that are currently circling around the [...]

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Was There A Second Shooter From 4th Floor of Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas

**UPDATE** 10/3/2017, 10:08 PM There ARE videos emerging that show this flash of light from the 4th floor continuing to flash even after the sound of shooting has stopped. The two videos I have complied are the first two that I know of that came out Tuesday morning. The newer videos might prove [...]

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Las Vegas Mass Shooting Came With A Warning

The mass shooting at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night came with a warning from a mystery woman. According to a witness, approximately 45 minutes before the gunfire started, a hispanic woman was going around the crowd telling concert goers that they were, "all going to die." The witness [...]

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