David Hogg Calls Pelosi Old and His Supporters Get Angry

This is so predictable. David Hogg (the camera Hogg) The guy that never shuts his big mouth and loves the spotlight is getting a taste of his own “Snowflake stupidity” medicine.

Supporters of David Hogg are actually angry with him because he called Nancy Pelosi “old”.

Do you think he will actually understand why his idiot followers are angry with him? For him to understand, he would actually have think, and to come to the realization that they are like him and he is like them.This would take critical thinking skills and a willingness to be humble.

Could this ever happen? I doubt it.



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Within the confines of a comfortable theater and the presence of a cold beer, Doug watches and comments on video clips that portray the current state of our world. After viewing his comments, you will understand that Doug is NOT shy about expressing his political opinions. However, these clips have the tendency to keep Doug scratching his head in disbelief and confusion. Writing an article every now and then in order to vent his frustrations helps Doug decompress.

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