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Can We Ban Stupidity?

Confederate symbolism, imagery, the Confederate General, Robert E. Lee, and ANY former historical figure (Presidents) that had possibly owned a slave, is now being deemed “racist”. Since stupidity seems to rule nowadays, let’s discuss [...]

Mainstream Magicians

The Collusion News Network (CNN) is about to go down. James O'Keefe, of Project Veritas, is in the process of exposing the news media's production of news (at least at the Collusion News [...]

Navy Destroyer Hacked?

Was the USS Fitzgerald hacked? Was the container ship that did a U-turn (while on autopilot!) and struck the USS Fitzgerald hacked? It looks increasingly so. It appears that the USS Fitzgerald did not [...]

The Investigation Into The Seth Rich Murder

This was an attempted robbery that ended with this young man loosing his life, right? One would think that compassionate people would want to get to the bottom of the truth if, for [...]

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