Protesters For Hire?

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None of the recent outrage or protests over Confederate statues is actually based in racism. The prostitutes in the media want us to believe that however, racism is only being used as the vehicle for a much, much larger agenda. What is that agenda? Well, part of it is to tear down the United States as we know it. A new civil war would be an efficient way of accomplishing this and that is exactly what we might get if the shadow government/establishment/deep state (whatever you want to call it) gets it way.

The jerks financing this current bowel movement are using the under-educated, useless idiots of American (many in the colleges) to raise an army of useful fools that think the American Civil War was fought purely over slavery.

How do you get useful idiots? Well first you need a “cause”, then you need to get people to “support” your cause.

What is the best way of doing this? Here is a possibility…

A company called Crowds on Demand (in Beverly Hills, CA) posted this 11 days ago on Craigslist. Their ad is titled, “Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte.” Now, Charlotte is in NC, however, that’s darn close to Charlottesville, VA (about 4.5 hours drive time.)

This company is a “public relations firm specializing in innovative events”.

I’m not saying this company is behind the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, VA. But is it possible that someone hired this company to obtain paid actors/protesters for the protest last week in Charlottesville, VA? Why is the media not investigating or even talking about this? 

Zero Hedge first reported this:

I have posted an image of the ad printout from Craigslist below.

The current Craigslist ad:…/actors-a…/6253305119.html

Craigslist ad for paid protesters.

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