San Fransisco Rally Cancelled – Organizers Fear Trap

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A planned rally in San Fransisco’s Crissy Field has been cancelled by its organizers.

The rally’s organizer and founder of the conservative group, Patriot Prayer, has stated that he believes that “tons of extremists” would be coming to the event and that it could become dangerous.

You would think that local and state officials in CA would be happy about his and maybe say something nice about this decision. WRONG!

Instead, California State Senator, Scott Weiner tweets the following:


The event is cancelled because the organizers for fear that it might attract paid thugs. Thugs that would then infiltrate a peaceful protest and cause mayhem and destruction like they did in Charlottesville, VA.

If this group were made up of  “Extremists”, they wouldn’t cancel for fear of attracting real extremists. Duh!

I think CA voters should think real hard before they re-elect this Senator again.

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