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Active Shooters on the Runway at the Las Vegas Airport?

Were there active shooters on the Las Vegas airport runway on the night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival/Mandalay Bay mass shooting?
Listen to this audio of an Air Traffic Controller that was working in the control tower at the McCarran International Airport. Listen to what he is telling aircraft about the situation at the airport and decide for yourself.

Maxine Waters Wants To Take Trump Out Tonight

Rep. Maxine Waters appeared at the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City this last Friday, October, 13, 2017. During her speech, Waters stated that she would, “go and take Trump out tonight”.

What? Like take out on a date?

While pumping her fist, Waters states, “I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight,” with applauding approval from the crowd.

This woman is sick and needs to resign from Congress. She’s advocating violence against a sitting President!

Warning of “hight incident project” in Las Vegas Posted on 4chan?

Did a 4chan anonymous user warn of the shooting that took place in Las Vegas?
Someone by the name of John posted a series of messages on the 4chan message board warning of a “high incident project”.
He told warned those that lived in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area to stay indoors.
Is this for real?

You decide…

JFK Secret Society Speech

President John F. Kennedy gave an important speech detailing and warning us of the shadow government that has infiltrated the highest institutions of the United States of America.

The NFL National Anthem Protest Has Become A Mutating Virus

Former San Fransisco 49er, Colin Kaepernick started taking a knee because he believed that there is racial inequality in the United States. Since then, the meaning of taking a “Kaeperknee” has spread and mutated into something entirely different. It’s more about spiting and taking a stand against President Trump’s stance on the subject.
Where will this spread to next?

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Becomes Unhinged

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Becomes Unhinged. He gets pissed off at the people in the control room after hearing repeated hammering sounds in the background.

Trump Makes Sure Hillary Follows The Bouncing Ball

When Hillary was on the campaign trail, Trump made sure she was on the ball.

Nancy Pelosi Speech Test

Nancy Pelosi fails her speech test.

Nancy Pelosi Orders GLAAD Audience to Applause On Cue

Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to get enough of her applause lines. Watch her speak to GLAAD, in San Fransisco, as she rambles through words and commands applause.

The Red Balloon

The red balloon… In honor of newest Stephen King movie release IT. Pennywise the clown enjoys his red balloons. Do you? This video contains no spoilers.

CNN Stages Rescue of Hurricane Harvey Victim From Truck

A CNN news crew was setting up a live shot when they see a man in a truck drive into a ravine. The crew saves the man from the truck.
The only odd thing about this is that the reporter was wearing shorts and sandals when he ran to help the man, then seconds later, the reporter was wearing pants and boots.
How did this happen? Was this a poorly edited fake rescue?

Utah Nurse Arrested For Doing Her Job When Police Wanted A Blood Sample From Patient

Nurse, Alex Wubbels, was arrested by the Salt Lake City Police while working at the University of Utah Hospital. She was handcuffed and detained in a patrol car after following hospital protocol for giving a patient’s blood to police.

Mother At Houston Hurricane Shelter Goes Off On CNN Reporter Rosa Flores

CNN reporter, Rosa Flores, set up shop in a Huston, TX hurricane shelter where she conducted interviews with hurricane Harvey survivors.
When Rosa decides to interview a shivering-cold mother with her kids and asks a stupid question, this mother gives her a piece of her mind!
What makes it worse is that Rosa keeps putting the microphone in the woman’s face!
Does CNN really believe that they need to ask displaced hurricane Harvey survivors how they are doing?
**Warning** there is some language…the F-bomb gets dropped.

Nancy Pelosi Says You Can’t Yell

In response to a reporters question about denying a groups First Amendment rights to protest, Nancy Pelosi say, “You can’t shout/yell “Wolf” in a crowded theatre.”
I believe she meant to say that you can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theatre!

Hillary Clinton Calls Trump “Creep” In Her New Book, What Happened

Hillary reads from her new book, What Happened, and talks about how she thought Trump was being a creep by standing behind her during the second Presidential debate.
“You Can’t Intimidate Me” is the message she wants him to hear.

Mitch McConnell Says Trump Has Excessive Expectations of Congress

Senator Mitch McConnell complains about President Trump’s tweets regarding his “excessive expectations” of Congress.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Owned!

Fired DNC chair questions the US Capitol Police chief and gets owned by Ralph Kramden! (He let’s her know that she’s a blabbermouth the only way he can.)

This is the same line of questioning where “blabbermouth” Schultz told the US Capitol Police chief that there would be “consequences” if he didn’t hand over her staffer’s computer.

She has no class.

Nancy Pelosi Says Republican Budget Stirs Up Violence

Nancy Pelosi says that the Republican budget “stirs” up violence.
She said these remarks at a rally for the American Federation of Teachers. She argues that the GOP wants to spend more money for the military at the expense of health care and education.

Maxine Waters Short Circuits During MSNBC Interview Regarding Trump Russian Collusion

Maxine Waters short circuits and experiences a speech malfunction while talking about possible Trump-Russia collusion during an MSNBC interview. Again, she talks about Trump Jr. and the allegations of Russian collusion within the Trump administration. Some of the “new” information that she talks about is most likely regarding the Russian (honeypot) lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, and her meeting with the Trump team.

CNN Threatens to Extort Citizens They Don’t Agree With – CNN Meme War

CNN has nerve. They are actually threatening to extort a Reddit user for creating a meme. They say if he posts anything else they don’t approve of (regarding them I guess) they will reveal his real name.
Revealing the name of this private citizen could very well result in harm or harassment of said person. It’s called extortion.
Over the past few weeks, we’ve had to listen to CNN complaining about how Trumps tweets could bring harm or harassment to them. What a bunch of hypocritical, fascist jerks!
CNN is now imploding under the weight of their own stupidity and it has ignited a Meme war on the internet.
Since CNN is crying about being made fun of, let’s have some fun with it!
I wonder when they are going to cry about being bullied?

Elmo Gets Used by CNN and Shares How Refugee Kids Are Just Like Us

CNN uses Elmo to promote left-wing refugee propaganda. Elmo discusses how the refugee children in Jordan are just like his friends on Sesame Street.

James Comey Opening Statement

Statement for the Record, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
James B. Comey, June 8, 2017

This is the prepared statement that is going to be delivered by former head of the FBI, James Comey tomorrow, June 8th, 2017.

Text downloaded from the following source:

Kathy Griffin Poses With Trump’s Head in ISIS Like Video and Destroys Her Pathetic Career

Kathy Griffin thought it would be funny to pose in a picture with a (fake) severed head of President Trump. That was a BAD idea. She proceeded to destroy her crappy career.

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