What Happened In Vegas That Didn’t Stay In Vegas

There are many questions regarding the events that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday, October 1st, 2017.

There are however, few answers so far in the investigation. The FBI still has not called a press conference detailing what they know and possibly putting to rest theories that are currently circling around the internet.

I have compiled a list of questions that I have regarding what took place that fateful night. Stay tuned, I’m sure more are to follow…

1. Shooter was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug that he bought at a Reno, NV pharmacy. This drug was prescribed to him by a Vegas doctor.

  • Why was he taking such large amount of this drug?

2. Shooter had room service for two in his room days before the shooting.

  • Who was with him?

3. Approximately 45 minutes before the shooting started, a woman in the crowd was telling concert-goers that they were going to die that night.

  • How did she know? Was she involved? If so, it would indicate that this was not at “lone wolf” attack and goes against the official narrative.

4. Shooter fired for 10 minutes and it took over 70 minutes for the police to breach his room.

  • Why did it take the police that long to get there and what was the shooter doing in the room for over an hour after he finished firing? Could it be that he was shot dead before or soon after the shooting started? If so, by who?

5. Many in the crowd reported that they heard more than one shooter. Some ran away from the line of fire from the hotel and reported that shots also were coming from the opposite direction.

  • This is big news. Why has this not been address by the news media? Could this be true? Maybe the media should do its job and conduct some investigative reporting on this to find out?

6. The media is not interviewing eyewitnesses on prime-time TV. These witnesses, if questioned well, could provide information vital to the investigation.

  • Why is the media not jumping on this? They are missing a great opportunity to bring eyewitness reporting to the masses. Isn’t news from an eyewitness news? Isn’t the news what they are all about? Don’t they want to get to the truth? This is the biggest story in America right now. They should be on this like flies on shit!

7. The shooter wired $100k to his girlfriend in the Philippines.

  • Why?


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